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Welcome to Asian Sealing Products, your trusted source for high-quality spiral wound gaskets.  We’re proud to be recognized as top spiral wound gasket producers, and our unwavering dedication to engineering excellence and trustworthiness is a testament to that. Our spiral wound gasket is a robust and reliable solution that meets your sealing needs across various industrial applications. Its unique design, which combines metal and filler materials, ensures optimal sealing performance under varying temperatures and pressures.

A spiral wound gasket is a remarkable mechanical seal comprising a blend of metallic and filler materials. This innovative design includes a metal winding strip, often made from robust stainless steel or other specialized alloys, and a filler material, typically graphite or PTFE (polytetrafluoroethylene). The winding strip and filler material are meticulously wound in a spiral pattern, resulting in a highly flexible and resilient gasket.

Key Features and Benefits of Spiral Wound Gasket

  • Excellent Sealing Performance: The spiral wound gasket is meticulously engineered to deliver unmatched sealing performance, assuring leak-free operations even in the most demanding industrial environments. The resilient metal winding strip and the filler material combine to create an airtight seal that thrives under high pressure and extreme temperatures, ensuring the utmost reliability.
  • Wide Temperature and Pressure Range: The spiral wound gasket is carefully designed to withstand various temperatures and pressures. Whether your application requires sealing at low or high temperatures, these gaskets are up to the challenge. It caters to diverse industries, including oil and gas, chemical, petrochemical, and power generation, where varying temperatures and high pressures are the norm.
  • Chemical Compatibility: It exhibits remarkable resistance to many chemicals, making it an ideal choice for corrosive environments. The metal winding strip boasts excellent resistance to chemical attack, while the filler material acts as a crucial barrier, preventing fluid leakage and ensuring a secure seal.
  • Versatility: The gasket is highly adaptable and can be customized to meet specific application requirements. We offer various metal winding strip materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, and specialized alloys. The filler material can also be tailored to your specific needs, with options such as graphite or PTFE, allowing for compatibility with multiple applications.
  • Easy Installation: The ingenious design of the spiral wound gasket makes installation swift and straightforward. It effortlessly compresses between two face flanges, creating a secure and dependable seal. While available in standard sizes, spiral gaskets can also be tailored to fit your unique requirements, ensuring a perfect fit.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: Spiral gasket offers remarkable value for your investment. Its extended service life, unwavering sealing performance, and resistance to temperature and pressure fluctuations significantly minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Opting for these gaskets is a cost-effective way to ensure reliable sealing for your industrial operations in the face of challenging temperatures and pressures.

Types of Spiral Wound Gaskets at Asian Sealing Products

We understand that each application is unique. Hence, we offer various spiral wound gaskets in multiple materials and specifications. From standard options such as stainless steel and graphite fillers to specialized materials tailored for extreme temperatures or corrosive environments, we provide the ideal solution for your requirements. As a trusted distributor of spiral wound gaskets, our sealing solutions come in various sizes, pressure ratings, and winding configurations to ensure a seamless fit for your application. We manufacture spiral wound gaskets in a variety of styles to align with the specific flange facings utilized on the flanges, including:

  • Type CGI (Gasket with Centering Ring and Inner Ring)
  • Type CG (Gasket with Centering Ring)
  • Type GI (Gasket with Inner Ring)
  • Type G (Gasket only)

Installation of Spiral Metallic Gaskets

Flange Condition

  • Remove the old gasket and ensure the flange faces are clean and free from indentations and scoring. Radial (cross-face) scoring is a particular concern and can lead to joint leakage
  • For spiral wound gaskets, a surface finish of 3.2um to 6.3pm Ra (125 to 250 micro inches) is recommended. Use a surface comparator to check flange finishes
  • Check that the flange faces are parallel or that the pipework is sufficiently flexible to pull the flanges parallel and concentric without excessive bolt loads.


  • Always use a new gasket
  • Check that the gasket is in good condition and that the dimensions are correct for the class and size of the flanges
  • Do not use jointing compounds, grease, or lubricants with metallic gasket materials.
  • If there is a requirement to fix the gasket to the flange before assembly, then a light dusting of spray adhesive must be used.


  • Ensure that the gasket is installed centrally
  • It is recommended that the bolts be tightened using a controlled method such as torque or tension.
  • Finger tighten nuts. Make a final tightening sequence, working around the flange and tightening each bolt until the specified torque is achieved.
    After completion of installation, make sure that the flange faces are parallel.
Product Details
  • Solid metallic inner & outer ring
  • Suitable for high pressure and temperature applications
  • Standard spiral wound gasket for raised face applications
  • Prevents turbulence and erosion damage to flange
  • Prevents damage to the gasket bore and inner windings
  • Inner ring acts as a heat shield and as a corrosion barrier
  • Wide choice of materials for filler and metal strip
  • General and critical duties
  • Solid metallic outer ring used as a centering device and compression stop
  • Used mainly on raised face and flat face flanges
  • Wide choice of materials for filler and metal strip
  • General duties
  • Solid metallic inner ring
  • High pressure & high temperature capability
  • Male to female flanges in vessels, valves and pumps
  • Wide choice of materials for filler and metal strip
  • General and critical duties
  • Wide choice of materials for filler and metallic strip
  • Suitable for high pressure and temperature applications
  • Recommended flanges are tongue & groove, male to female and flat face to recess in vessels, valves and pumps
  • General and critical duties
Spiral Wound Gasket Available in various standard configurations
SIO Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket with inner and outer rings, where the rings are crafted from materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, and other metals.
SIOH Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket with an outer ring featuring bolt holes and inner rings.
SIR Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket with inner rings, typically made of stainless steel.
SIO Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket with inner and outer rings, where the rings are crafted from materials like carbon steel, stainless steel, and other metals.
SWR Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket lacking a centering ring.
SCD Spiral Wound Metallic Gasket with a centering device.
SWG Spiral Wound Gasket with Graphite Filters.
SWD Spiral Wound Double Gasket.
Materials for Winding and Rings in Stock
Carbon Steel SS 321
SS 316L Inconel 400
SS 347 Alloy 20
SS 304 Monel 400
SS 316 Nickel 400
Filler Materials and Its Temperatures Requirements
Filler Materials Temperature Range
Nonas min – 100 max 250 °C
Mica min -200 max 1000 °C
Graphite min -200 max 550 °C
PTFE min – 200 max 250 °C


Spiral wound gaskets are composed of a combination of metallic and filler substances. Typically, these spiral wound metallic gaskets consist of a metal component (usually enriched with carbon or made of stainless steel) wound in an outward circular spiral pattern (although different shapes are feasible). Simultaneously, the filler material (typically a pliable graphite) is wound in a similar fashion but originates from the opposite side. 

Spiral wound gaskets have established themselves as the most dependable sealing components suitable for challenging, vital, and demanding applications.  Spiral  gaskets offer excellent sealing performance, compatibility with various media, resilience to high temperatures and pressures, and the ability to compensate for flange irregularities, making them a reliable choice for demanding sealing applications. 

Choosing the right spiral wound gasket involves considering factors such as the flange design, pressure class, temperature and pressure requirements, material selection, dimensions, and compliance with standards. Consulting with a trusted spiral wound gasket manufacturer can help you make an informed decision.

A spiral wound gasket works by compressing a soft filler material between flange surfaces. The metallic winding strip provides support, while the filler material fills gaps and compensates for surface irregularities, creating a reliable seal. The gasket’s flexibility accommodates movements and thermal changes, ensuring a tight seal in high-pressure and high-temperature applications.

The global gaskets and seals market was estimated to be USD 56.93 billion in 2021 and projected to grow at a CAGR of 4.1% over the forecast period . As per the PitchBook News and analysis ,the specific market size for spiral wound gaskets may require a more detailed analysis from industry reports, which could be obtained by referring to the sources mentioned in the search results.

Asian Sealing Products stands out as your trusted source for Spiral Wound Gaskets due to our unwavering dedication to excellence . We pride ourselves on delivering top-notch sealing solutions crafted with precision and using high-quality materials STANDARDS. Our commitment to customer satisfaction ensures you receive reliable products that meet your specific needs. Explore our extensive knowledge base to learn more about Spiral Wound Gaskets and why our expertise makes us the preferred choice in the industry via our article on Academia.edu. that is ( Spiral Wound  Gasket Comprehensive guide ) .Our gaskets are manufactured to International specifications such as BS, API, ASME (ASME B16.5 Pipe Flanges  )  DIN. Check out our spiral wound gasket products in top listings.

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These gaskets are versatile and find applications in industries such as petrochemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, and power generation. They are used to seal flanged joints, heat exchangers, and vessels.